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Where to find a girl? The best places for Dating If you have a girlfriend, it is reasonable the question arises: where to find it? Not all places are good for finding a new girlfriend, and everyone has their own characteristics. Before you start looking for a girl, you should answer the question: why do I need a girl? Goals can be different to the opposite. Someone is looking for a girl for a relationship, someone for sex, and someone just needs a friend to cry on the vest (although this happens infrequently). By the way, if you're looking for a girl for an easy relationship, you can read this article I wrote earlier. By the way, to find a girlfriend for sex is actually much easier than for long-term communication. After all, in this case, especially and talk-it is not necessary, and you may have little in common, that does not hurt to have a place of proximity. Where to find a good girl for a guy Internet Best dating sites is gaining popularity. People meet as on specialized sites and social networks such as vk.com. Because my page now has almost every girl. krasivaya devushka vkontakte But to meet online with a good girl is actually much more difficult than in real life. Why? First, to each more or less nice person drive up and write a lot of guys almost every day. You're gonna have to get in a long line. Secondly, because of the popularity of online Dating competition every day becomes more and more. After all, write in the VC special courage is not necessary, unlike the approach in real life. If you still decided to meet on the Internet, keep in mind that photos - 95% of your success. And not at all what you write. If you have cool pictures, you can start a banal conversation with Hello! What's up? And the girl will eventually leave you a number. But we are not looking for easy ways, and proceed with the following Punku. Places of interest. This is much more effective. Think about what you're interested in in life. For example, you listen to the band Linkin Park and are going to go to a concert. And there you can find a girl with whom you will have at least one cool common hobby. Meet in such an environment is quite easy: say Hello, ask her opinion about what is happening, introduce yourself and ask her name. krasivaya devushka na kontserte It can be not only concerts, but also societies on interests, intellectual games, sports sections, campaigns etc. Just look around and see who's around you. Street. My favorite place. After all, on the street you can find absolutely any girl. You will have no competition for her, and if you make a good confident approach, she will appreciate your courage and bravery. After all, go on the street and unable to adequately meet the strength of 5 percent guys. devushka guliaet po ulitse It's complicated. Especially when there is no experience. But if you set out to qualitatively improve their lives and find a cool girl, it opens a wide field of action. Important point. It is better to get acquainted in the interval from lunch to the end of the day when she returns from work or school. First, at this time they are without friends, and you can safely start a chat tete-a-tete. Second, have them lowered so-called level of protection from apples. That is why many do not like to meet in the evening, when she dressed up for a walk and took with him at least one friend. So you have a better idea how to meet on the street, watch the video Food service establishments. Cafes, restaurants etc. Can be used as an option. But as of "Dating for life". Not specifically to go to the cafe looking for a girl . Clubs. devushki tantsuyut v klube Not the best place to find a girl for a relationship. Although anything happens, but against you there are several factors. First, again, the high level of competition for the beautiful girls. Secondly, do not get acquainted in a state of intoxication: it changes consciousness, and you are not quite adequately perceive the world and people. And third, in clubs trek girls not all. And you're missing a category for a truly interesting and fully developed persons. Not that the clubs go entirely stupid, but the trend is clear. In addition, usually people in such places behave unnaturally, with mock pathos, and understand who is who, it is extremely difficult. Conclusion To find a good girl, you should practice daily in dealing with the female sex gay sites. After all, if your communication skills leave much to be desired, then you can only be interested in simpletons. Don't get hung up on one person. And when there is a steady flow of communication with new girls, one day you will realize that one of them is exactly what you need. And then, perhaps, you will remember that he met her in a place where he did not expect to find his Lyubov.